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I solve problems -- occasionally code is involved.

Brackets for Good

This story actually starts for me back in 2010.  I volunteered for .  My assignment was to help organize and lead a team to upgrade a community center's website to .  That's when I was pulled in to help the team build a database application.  GiveCamps are really cool.  You get to code for charity, if you have the chance go volunteer.

Things circled back around in 2011 when I was developing some really cool medical device software at .  We were doing really well at the time.  We had offices near Fountain Square where has it's office.  We got to sponsor a breakfast at the Fieldhouse event for them.  It happened to be my birthday, it was a really cool event and a great birthday present from .  I miss all those poeple, we made some really good software together.

Now it's time for me to pay back so I've given a few bucks, that's all it takes. It's a really cool idea for March.  All non-profits benefit and there is a bonus at the end for the winning team.  Please help by going out to the site and buying some points for your favorite team.  Perhaps that is even my favorite team, .

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