Aaron Stanley King

I solve problems -- occasionally code is involved.

Go to a GiveCamp, get a cool sticker.


I’m posting this picture of my old laptop.  It was my wife’s first but then she wanted a netbook.  So I was handed down this 32bit Toshiba.  It is actually pretty good hardware.  Both Windows 7 and Linux installed with ease.  I use it for demo and cross platform game programming.  Since I use it in demos I started with the stickers.  I acquired several from all the conferences I attend and speak at.

It is now full.  It is also now too slow for my everyday work.  It gets too hot and the battery doesn’t last very long.  I am very proud of one sticker though.  I got it from for writing code at the   If you haven’t attended a GiveCamp, the Indy GiveCamp